Common sense pricing

We aim to make the cost of co-ownership comparable to the cost of DIY.
We charge three fees over the duration of ownership: to acquire, operate, and sell the property.

What you pay, what you get

Acquisition Fee 
2% Purchase Price

We find and analyze the property, prepare a business plan, set up the legal infrastructure, secure financing and find your co-owners.

The Acquisition Fee is included in the Total Property List Price and is paid from the LLC to Coral upon the acquisition of the property. As a result, your Share Price represents the total cost of the ownership position (inclusive of all fees).
Property Management Fee
8% Annual Rental Revenue

We find and vet tenants, collect rent, manage maintenance and repairs, find and manage vendors, set rental rates and manage the budget for the property.

The Property Management Fee is a fee that exists (transparently or hidden) in all professionally managed real estate, whether it's a REIT, syndicate or a property owned directly.
Sale Fee
3% Sale Price

We serve as your broker to find great buyers, and sell either the full property or your allocation.

Please note: for secondary transactions (when you purchase shares of a property-specific LLC from another independent owner rather than purchasing newly created shares), the same transaction fees apply, but the fees are paid to the LLC rather than to Coral. This additional money sits on the balance sheet for the LLC, and ultimately belongs to the members of the LLC. We maintain these fees to keep an equitable and consistent fee structure regardless of when an individual buys or sells.