About Us

We help individuals buy and own investment properties. All the benefits, none of the headaches.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help individuals find joy in investing and a clear path to building financial independence through passive income.

We make it easy and rewarding for individuals to become (fractional) owners of investment properties, building their real estate portfolios (and income!) in an intuitive and magical way.

We believe that responsible investing can be fun, and fun investing can help people become better investors.

Simplified ownership, a better experience

Owning investment properties should be awesome: find some great properties, add some value, and make money while you sleep. At Coral, we facilitate direct, simplified ownership in every sense: from the legal structure to the uninhibited access to property data and performance. Transparent, real-time. Goodbye REITs, old-school syndicates, and 3am tenant calls.

More for less

We're not focused on trying to find “needle in the haystack” opportunities through expensive teams of Ivy League Wall Street analysts. Seeking higher returns through riskier investments (hotels instead of multifamily, or new development instead of pre-existing, cash-flowing properties) is, inherently, a risky endeavor. Instead, we focus on helping owners get more for less. Coral uses technology and vertical integration to make rental property ownership more efficient. Less money in fees and expenses means more money in returns (without increasing risk).

Who we are

Our co-founders have been at the intersection of tech and finance for decades, with a combined 30+ years experience in the space. We've felt the pain of an overly complex real estate investing landscape, and the frustration of infinite layers of hidden fees firsthand. We believe in what we're building, and we personally invest in every deal.

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Want to have an impact? Be a part of our journey to build something great — and change the landscape of investing.

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