High-yield real estate investments without the hassle

6-10% Return

Annualized Fixed Rate

A property behind each investment

6-24 month term

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Our Past Projects

How does Coral work?


We find great opportunities

Coral then purchases the project. We bring in a local bank for construction financing.


You invest and earn

Choose a property to invest in and start receiving monthly payments right away.

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We earn together

You get your principal back when the house is sold.

Coral co-invests with you on each project. You always get repaid before we do.

Live construction updates

Who is Coral?

At Coral, we offer you a simple and hassle free platform to invest in great real estate opportunities. On one side, you can easily access short term investment opportunities backed by real estate. On the other side, Coral works closely with experienced local construction experts to identify, design, construct, rent and sell residential properties.

Our construction process

Foundations and structural work

In many cases, we need to reinforce the foundation, turn the basement space into living space to increase living square footage, or do structural work to ensure that the new building is up to the latest standards.

Landscaping and parking

Exterior work is usually the biggest return on investment. A nice outdoor area, a frictionless access to the backyard, and an airy balcony makes a huge difference to the look and feel of a property. We also add parking spaces to the property whenever possible.

Layout redesign and interior refresh

Along with our partner architects, we work to optimize the layout of older homes. Many older homes lack ensuite bathrooms and open floor plans, and have small living areas. We create better layouts that fit the modern lifestyle, install modern HVAC systems, and update cabinetry and vanities.

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