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Our Past Projects

Who is Coral?

Coral is a platform that connects investors to local real estate experts through a structured environment. On one side, Coral’s users can easily access short term investment opportunities backed by real estate. On the other side, Coral provides a platform that engages experienced local construction experts to identify, design, construct, and sell residential properties.

All of our projects are co-owned by local real estate experts including builders, architects, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, brokers, etc. We call them our Partner Managers (PMs)! Coral and PMs hold common equity which is junior to the preferred equity held by Coral’s investors.

What does Coral do?

Foundations and structural work

In many cases, we need to reinforce the foundation, turn the basement space into living space to increase living square footage, or do structural work to ensure that the new building is up to the latest standards.

Landscaping and parking

Exterior work is usually the biggest return on investment. A nice outdoor area, a frictionless access to the backyard, and an airy balcony makes a huge difference to the look and feel of a property. We also add parking spaces to the property whenever possible.

Layout redesign and interior refresh

Along with our partner architects, we work to optimize the layout of older homes. Many older homes lack ensuite bathrooms and open floor plans, and have small living areas. We create better layouts that fit the modern lifestyle, install modern HVAC systems, and update cabinetry and vanities.

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How Coral works?


Coral identifies and purchases a target property with its own capital. Coral also creates a business plan and a construction budget with its Partner Managers (PMs).

Coral purchases 23 Sacramento Place for $1.15M in Oct 2021. Coral estimated a construction budget of $430k and transaction costs of $20k, for a total of $1.6M. Coral estimates that the selling price of the property will be about $2M after 9 months.

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Once the property is purchased and business plan created, Coral presents the investment opportunity to its registered users. The offering is typically a preferred equity investment at 80% of the total project cost or 65% of the expected sellout price, creating a thick margin of safety for Coral's users.

For 23 Sacramento, the total project cost is $1.6M. Coral offers the investor to invest up to $1.3M (81.25% of project cost and 65% of expected sales price of $2M) at an annualized preferred yield of 8%. Coral and its PMs invest the $300k.

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You will be able to see the investment opportunities by logging into your account. More opportunities will become available as we make further progress on construction. Investment funds will be used primarily for hard cost construction.

For 23 Sacramento, while the investor can invest up to $1.3M, Coral will only offer $1M in preferred equity investment initially and offer additional $200k in month 4 of the project and another $100k in month 6 of the project, totaling $1.3M.

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You can continue to track the construction progress and expected completion date through your account. You will also be receiving monthly cash distribution. Once construction is complete, Coral will return the capital of the investment by either selling the property.

At an 8% annualized rate, for every $10,000 that you invest in 23 Sacramento project, you will receive $67 in cash distribution monthly. You will receive a K-1 from the 23 Sacramento partnership at the end of the year.

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